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The Spanish Society of Diabetes and the School of Patients unite to commemorate the International Day of Diabetes. Throughout this week, Granada will be dyed blue with the lighting of emblematic buildings and endless activities aimed at patients and citizens.

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Granada, 13/11 / 2013.- From today Wednesday the 13th and until next Saturday, November 16th, The Patient School, a project of the Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy, managed by the Andalusian School of Public Health, will be joins the SED Foundation (Spanish Diabetes Society) in the celebration of Diabetes Week, around the International Day of the disease. To this end, throughout this week there will be training workshops for patients, cooking and diabetes, meetings with athletes and scientists, and a day of applications and games for diabetes.

Among the many activities programmed will be the stories of overcoming sportsmen like Josu Feijoo, mountaineer and diabetic who will tell his experience in the meeting ‘On Everest with Diabetes’; doubts will be solved, in direct, on the investigation in diabetes with the former Minister of Health and scientist Bernat Soria in the videochat #preguntadiabetes; patient and kitchen training workshops will be held; Games and new applications for diabetes will be presented at the ‘Diabetes Click’ Meeting; and the greeting of a famous patient will be shared, the film director Woody Allen.


The week begins today, Wednesday, the 13th with a training workshop for patients at the Padre Suárez Secondary School. As of 10.15 am, about 30 students will share a space with patients with diabetes to learn about the disease in the first person. In addition, you will hear the story of two athletes, David Lozano and Javier Megías, patients with diabetes and professional cyclists.

The day will continue, that same day, at the Medical College of Granada. There, starting at 6.30 pm, the meeting ‘On Everest with Diabetes’ will be held, which will feature the telematic participation of mountaineer and diabetic Josu Feijoo. The act will begin with the screening of the documentary ‘Patient 2.0′, an audiovisual about the first expedition of diabetics that managed to reach Everest. Josu Feijoo, diabetic mountaineer, captained this adventure, followed at all times by a medical team that, thanks to telemedicine devices, controlled the health of diabetic athletes in real time. After the screening a debate table will be held in which two diabetic athletes will participate, David Lozano and Javier Megías, from the Novo Nordisk Team Riders cycling team, Manuel Aguilar, Director of the Integral Diabetes Plan, María Ángeles Prieto, Director of the Patient School, representatives of Diabetes Patient Associations and the responsible e-health of the Telefónica Foundation. At the end of the debate, the video of the Summer School of Patients’ School will be presented, an audiovisual made with children with chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma and allergies), united by sport and the ability to excel. The act will end with the broadcast of a greeting by filmmaker Woody Allen, who will add his voice as a patient with diabetes to the events of the International Day of Diabetes.

On Thursday, the 14 students of the Padre Suárez Secondary School will participate in a cooking and diabetes workshop of the School of Patients. With the help of nutritionist Lati Escudero they will elaborate a healthy menu and will know the keys of the diet of people with diabetes.

The week of diabetes will end on Saturday the 16th with two acts dedicated to science and technology. Starting at 10.30 am, the Diabetes Click event will be held, a day dedicated to the world of applications and games for Diabetes. The chosen place will be the Francisco Ayala Media Library of the Museum of Memory of Andalusia (Caja Granada Foundation). “Diabetes click” will serve for the presentation, with practical demonstration, of the game of the SED-FEDE-SANOFI. Also to show the ‘Social Diabetes’ app and other applications developed by the Quality Agency of the Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy. The meeting will end with the participation of Sevillian researcher Luís Fernández Luque (from the technological development company Salumedia).

Immediately after, also in the Mediatheque of the Museum of Memory of Andalusia, the last act of Diabetes Week will take place: the Live Videochat #preguntadiabetes. From 11.30 am, the scientist and former Minister of Health, Bernat Soria, will be available to patients and citizens in person and virtually. In this way, any interested person can attend the interview live and launch their questions, doubts or reflections during the conversation with the researcher. The interview can be followed by streaming through and on Twitter with the hashtag #preguntadiabetes.

Patient’s School

The School of Patients is an initiative of the Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy, coordinated by the Andalusian School of Public Health, which was born with the aim of training patients, professionals and caregivers, who are those who suffer or live disease in a direct way, to deepen the knowledge of the pathology in order to manage it and face its different phases. It is a methodology to learn and teach the best ways to take care of yourself and take care of yourself.