Prepaid credit cards What are prepaid cards?

Currently, every person who wants to manage their cash in an intelligent and simple way has the option of using prepaid credit cards. Using prepaid cards is ideal for people who do not want to carry cash. Using the card is extremely simple, comfortable and above all safe.

Prepaid cards have their additional plus, the persons using them have at their disposal the funds that they actually have and which have been credited to the card, there is no risk of exceeding the limit of a given amount, and thus of the debt.

Where and when the prepaid card will work


Prepaid cards can be used around the world, in over 36 million points, an additional plus is 24-hour access to ATMs, and thus to cash. A prepaid card can be used in a variety of ways, including to withdraw cash, to make transfers, shopping stationary in stores or via the Internet.

Currently, a very popular payment method is the use of prepaid E-Money cards. These cards are gaining popularity year by year, their unprecedented plus is the fact that these cards are anonymous. Each card has a nine-digit number assigned to it. You can use it in the same way as other debit or credit cards available on the market. The card is available to the user without the need to sign a contract, without a lengthy process of checking payment capacity and without checking creditworthiness. The card can be topped up at any time with any amount in various ways.

Prepaid credit cards


The card can be ordered by anyone over 18 years of age, the application for a card is submitted via the Internet. The card is sent to the address indicated in the application within 24 hours, its validity is 3 years. 100% of card applications are resolved positively – even a person who has a negative credit history can receive a card.

Due to the fact that the card is anonymous and its clients are not verified in terms of payment capacity, such a card is an ideal solution for people who have financial problems or for whom bailiff proceedings are pending. This card is also suitable for people who want to remain anonymous during both landline and online payments. The card can also be used by children, e.g. during a holiday trip.

The E-Money card is topped up

By making a transfer to the individual card number. The card is issued in the MASTERCARD system, the user bears a one-time fee for its issuance in the amount of PLN 375.00, for the first three years no annual fee is charged for its use, starting from the fourth year the annual fee is PLN 125.00.

Despite the relatively high fee for issuing the card (the costs of its use can be checked in the paysafecard calculator), the prepaid card or in other words the incognito E-Money card is extremely popular due to its anonymity and security of use.