Online payday loans – who can receive such payday loans?

Non-bank online lending companies, constantly watching the changing market, adapt their offer to the needs of customers. There was no room for payday loans for the unemployed, so even those without employment can get financial help. How to get this payday loan and where can we find the best offers? You can read about it in our article! Learn more! has examples

Payday loans for unemployed – how do payday loans work?


The unemployed due to the lack of regular income will not receive financial assistance in the bank. Permanent employment, and more specifically systematic income from remuneration, preferably on the basis of an employment contract, is one of the main conditions that the bank sets for potential clients so that they can receive a loan. The rescue in this situation are loan companies, in which payday loans for the unemployed are given to almost everyone.

The payday loans for the unemployed are available to anyone who does not have a job or their income is irregular enough that at the time of applying for a loan at the bank, he always receives a negative decision. Unemployed payday loans, like any other short-term loan, have a short repayment period, which is normally 30 days. Thanks to the uncomplicated procedure of applying via the Internet, even without leaving your home, a quick payday loan for unemployed people can reach our account even within 15 minutes of sending the application. 

Online payday loans for the unemployed – how to apply for payday loans?


Instant cash-on-line for the unemployed is a great way to get extra cash while we’re in the middle of looking for a new job and we don’t have regular payments. Below we explain how to go through the whole procedure of applying for payday loans online for the unemployed step by step , and we also pay attention to what to pay particular attention to during such a process.

Technically, the way of applying for payday loans via the internet for the unemployed is very similar in every non-bank institution. However, we should remember that depending on the chosen loan company, some elements of the application may differ slightly.

  • The first stage is choosing the right loan company that we will be able to trust. For this purpose, it will be helpful for us to use online loan comparison websites, where financial experts and people who have already used the services of a given company post their opinions. Thanks to the tips placed there, we will definitely make the right choice.
  • Once we have chosen the right loan company, we go to its website. There, with the help of virtual sliders, we mark the amount of payday pay interest and the period in which we will pay it back. Fast payday loans via the Internet for the unemployed are normally provided for 30 days, but we can also find offers for a longer period of time.
  • Let’s get acquainted with the information included in the loan agreement. Let’s pay special attention to what conditions must be met to be able to apply for a loan and how much are payday loans and any additional fees, including commissions. Let’s check whether in the event of problems we will be able to extend the repayment deadline.
  • At this point, we can proceed to completing the application. In the form of payday loans via the internet for unemployed people without bikes, we will find specified places where we will have to provide the most important information. The lender will ask us to enter personal data, contact details, bank account number and information on our monthly inflows and expenses.
  • After completing the application, we review the attached consents and accept them.
  • Then we verify the identity. Such a check can be done by means of a transfer for PLN 1 or PLN 1, or through the Kontomatik, KontoConnect or Instantor application, which will connect to our bank account and provide the lender with the necessary information. Another option is to have a traditional telephone conversation with a consultant.
  • After verification, we have to accept the application and wait for the loan decision. Information about granting an unemployment benefit payday via the Internet or rejecting the application will reach us in an SMS or e-mail.
  • If the application has been accepted, the money transfer will be immediately sent to our bank account.

Who are online payday loans for?

Who are online payday loans for?

Payday loans online is a special type of product offered by non-bank companies, addressed mainly to people who, for various reasons, are unable to document their source of income or do not have it at all. During the online application process, you will not be asked to attach a document that certifies our current employment status. Non -bank companies to grant online payday loans only require confirmation that will ensure that we will be able to pay the entire liability in the future.

To make it possible for us to take online payday loans for unemployed , we can use one of our assets for this purpose, which will provide some security for the lender. For example, if we are the car owner (i.e. we are entered in the registration certificate), we can apply for a car loan, which you can read more about here . The higher the value of such collateral, the more likely the lender will be to provide us with the financial assistance we need.