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The free time monitor is one of the most demanded roles during school vacations. Due to the temporary nature of the work, young people usually choose it as the ideal work activity during the summer months. In addition, in this way they develop their pedagogical, leadership and group dynamization skills.

As expected in a work activity in which the worker is in contact with children and whose journey involves one hundred percent dynamism, it is essential to have the knowledge appropriate to the tasks, as well as the appropriate tools and clothing to function comfortably .

What is looked for in the profile of a free time monitor?

free time monitor

To work as a free time monitor, specific skills and abilities associated with the daily tasks of the work are required. Then we expose the 4 indispensable skills to develop this role.

  1. Social skills: it is one of the indispensable characteristics of the profile of a good monitor of leisure and free time. Must be able to communicate to the public in an expressive way, know how to face criticism and be decisive.
  2. Animation and dynamisation skills: as described by his work, the leisure and free time monitor stands out for the dynamisation of groups, so he must have tools to keep participants motivated and active through games and dynamics.
  3. Emotional intelligence: empathy is key in the daily tasks of leisure and free time monitor. Working with people requires having the ability to listen and create a bond of trust with the group you work with.
  4. Leadership: must have communication skills and leadership skills.

monitor de tiempo libre

Functions of the Leisure and Free Time Monitor

  • Create a pleasant climate in the group, encouraging communication and interpersonal relationships.
  • Lead the group through the realization of varied dynamics and have the organizational skills to carry them out.
  • Know the context of the environment in which you work.
  • Stimulate the creativity and self-management of the group.
  • Show resolutive capacities for the achievement of the objectives to be achieved.

For the exercise of the task is important to have passed the certificate of professionalism corresponding to the role, which among other factors provides the leisure monitor knowledge of sociology, pedagogy and psychology.

What is the appropriate clothing for a free time monitor?

monitor de tiempo libre

When working with children, the monitor must be in constant movement for practically the entire day, so the use of comfortable work clothes is essential. You must think both about quality and to favor the right position during the day. For this it is advisable to use a sports shoe with enough impact cushioning, jackets or sets that in addition to being light contribute to the professional image, and aprons with pockets for the dynamics that involve activities with paint or other similar materials. In addition, if what you want is for your work team to be easily identifiable, at Naisa we personalize your work uniforms to enhance the image of your company.