How to Prevent Injuries When Handling Heavy Loads

Eugene Garrison | Dec/ 21/ 2018 | 0

The handling of loads is a common task in sectors of high physical demand such as construction, industry and services . Manipulating heavy loads on a frequent basis represents a risk to the worker’s health, which is usually reflected in

4 Essential Skills of the Free Time Monitor

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The free time monitor is one of the most demanded roles during school vacations. Due to the temporary nature of the work, young people usually choose it as the ideal work activity during the summer months. In addition, in this

Identify the Appropriate Safety Helmet for You

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If you work in the industrial sector, you are aware of the importance of having the appropriate Individual Protection Team during the working day. Today we focus on the importance of the use of safety helmets , an essential element

What do I need to know to work as a lifeguard?

Eugene Garrison | Dec/ 19/ 2018 | 0

During the months between June and August, job offers for lifeguards reach the highest level of the year. While it is true that during the summer season it is necessary to monitor beaches, pools and tourist facilities, it is also